Sorry, sorry~!

I’ve just moved house & been without internet for AGES. (Not thrilled with the phone company, but they eventually worked themselves out so no more drama – hopefully!)

To apologise, here is an adorable picture I took at uni~ ❤Image

Even cuter was a group of international students making ‘meow’ing noises at it 😀
Though I hope they don’t try to pat a ‘cat’ like this~!!


April Sings~!

I’ve finally done it! I’ve finally gotten a recording of April singing! And this time, it’s one of my favourite of her covers, A Fine Frenzy’s “Almost Lover”. If you have a moment or two to spare on a ballad, please give it a listen. She doesn’t believe me that it’s a pretty nice cover~!

Go here~


Thank you & much love (as always)


What would you say…

if you had the chance to pass a message on to a celebrity you admire? This is Kein, who sings guitar solos loudly in the shower!

It was a question I had to think hard about recently, as April and I had a chance to send a postcard to a band we both adore – Kiryu! The head admin of the Aussie Kiryu fanpage is attending one of their live shows in Japan and allowed fans from outside of Japan who couldn’t see the live the opportunity to send her a postcard to put in the band’s box. Sweet, right? I certainly thought so, and it made my day to slip the envelope into the postbox.

But the whole thing had my mind in a whirl. What should I say? Would they understand what I had written? I didn’t want to come across as a crazy fanboy, so I struggled to find words to express my feelinsgs and love for their music that didn’t sound too, well, crazy. I don’t know if I succeeded. I tried to imagine what it would be like to be one of the band members and get something like that – what would you want to hear? Would you care? Would you just be happy to receive something sincere?

I think that sincerity and warmth are very important when communicating with people, especially people you admire, trust and/or love. One can remember a genuine compliment or expreession of gratitude for a long time, even if they have forgottenwhat exact shirt was being complimented, or what service they had rendered to deserve it. I think we sometimes forget that, in our busy lives.

So today, I’ve decided to compliment someone I sincerely admire. It was fun to send the letter to Kiryu, and my only regret is that I couldn’t tell them to their faces, but that’s okay. That’s why today I want to compliment someone I can see, so they can be absolutely sure I’m sincere in my words. I don’t want to forget those people who are important to me! And I especially don’t want them to never know how appreciated they are :3

Well, this turned into a strange post. But I hope I’ve communicated something of what I feel ^^;;  If you could send a compliment to anyone in the whole world, who would you send one to? What would you say? If you get a chance to do so, definitely take it!

~lovehearts and cookies


Been a while~

It’s been a while, hasn’t it? This is Kein, who often forgets to wear his glasses when he reads!

After a trying month of Camp NaNoWriMo, and an enjoyable week recuperating from it, I’m back! Did you miss me? 😛

Anyway, I’ve changed my hair – what do you think? I feel a little sad about losing the coloursss, but my hair was starting to feel terrible. It needs a little while to recuperate~ So now it’s a strange blue-purple-black! I also need a hair cut too…

What kind of haircut do you like on guys? And what about for girls? (Not that April is cutting her hair – she’s trying to grow it long, despite the temptation to cut it! :D)

And also on tumblr….

is Kein!

Guys, I’ve made a tumblr. Don’t even know how that thing works, but I made one. Why? Well, I thought, since this blog is supposed to make sense and be interesting and all that jazz, that posting about my Camp NaNo angst and bitching about my writing would, uh, well, drag the blog down a little.

So if you wanna read about blue screens of death – possibly in near real-time, please head to ^^;

Lovehearts and cookies